Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bathroom Progress...

I shared the inspiration for my daughter's/guest bathroom awhile back and it has taken longer than I expected to complete it (as with every project!), but I am making some progress. I managed get the wallpaper down, paint the room, and make the shower curtain. I am hiring my husband's help for the beadboard, hence the halt in the project :) My daughter even added some of her artwork on the wall. I told her that we would preserve it under the beadboard, and it would be there forever. She was okay with it, but would rather leave it as is...

The future artist herself

The valance is made from a chenille bedspread I got off of ebay. I am going to use the rest of it for my daughter's room's curtains. The green polka dot is a shower curtain and I just added the black and white ticking and black pom pom fringe.

I still need the iron the curtain. The picture highlights the wrinkles, doesn't it? Hopefully a completed AFTER picture will follow shortly!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Fresh New Look

I bought these chairs at a furniture consignment store and they were a cornflower blue. I painted them cream and covered them with the yellow and red ticking to go in my last house. I never was in love with the look, but did not want to redo them, so they stayed as-is.
When we moved, I painted my kitchen green and I am using red accents. The kids had stained the chairs, and I needed a new look. I chose this fabric and it took about 1 1/2 yards of it for a whole new look. I now love these chairs! The table is red and they look great with the table!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Good Old Fashioned Easter Fun

Jesus is Risen! That is the reason we celebrate Easter. I am so thankful that he is preparing a place in Heaven for me because He is my Lord and Savior. The gift He gives of eternal life gives me such a peace that I hold on to daily.
We celebrated at church and in our backyard with a good ole' Easter Egg hunt. We hid 240 eggs. I think we went a bit overboard because I found an egg today that we had missed. The dog had found it and had eaten the candy out of it. Oops! I'm sure the lawn mower will find some more.

These are the eggs we dyed.
My kids getting creative with the colors.

Makenna running to get eggs. I love watching them run around and find the eggs!My kids and my two nieces after the hunt.
I made some deviled eggs with the eggs we dyed. This was my first time making them!

Me and my little easter bunny at my mom's house. This is his first easter.

My mom and her grandkids. I appreciate her more and more everyday. I did not realized how hard this mom thing is!

My three munchkins.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little Nesting

I was out walking in the neighborhood and the streets are lined with trees. The trees are pretty bare still and I saw so many cute bird's nests. My mom, who is a bird lover, told me that they do not come back to their old nests. After that, I reached up and snagged one, took it home and shook the bird poopy out of it then sprayed it with a clear coat. It turned out so pretty. The only thing I would suggest doing is spraying it with spray adhesive first so that it stays together better. My friend Elise loves nests as well and they are hard to find. I am going to take my ladder out and get one for you too Elise!

Here is the finished product with an egg and a bird in it.

I put it under a cloche. Very simple!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Six Months Ago...

My sweet 3rd baby was born on Sept. 30th and we have been enjoying little Brayden ever since. He has the sweetest, most flexible personality. He goes with the flow and loves when his big brother and sister talk to him. He is starting to sit up and is just starting to think he might like some food. Before now, he has been all about that "mommy milk"! My life with three has been super crazy, but I would not trade it for a minute. I thank God everyday for blessing my life with my 3 healthy kids. Little Brayden has brought me so much joy and I look forward to many more months and years with him! Time has flown and he has grown so much...
He thinks he is so big sitting up. He still falls a lot, but he thinks it is fun.
That sweet smile melts my heart daily.

It's great when they can play, but they don't go anywhere!