Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dining Room

I found these dishes at my favorite antique store and fell in love with them. They were one of my inspiration pieces for the room.
This tray and the "Tuscan" casserole and tidbits and saucers were also my color inspiration. I love this turquoise color!

Here is the shelf I made that I had promised more pictures of. I made it from a bifold closet door (you could use a shutter too) and some wooden brackets I got at Lowes. I screwed them together and spray painted it black. It was very simple.

Here is a closeup of the bracket.

I also made panel curtains in there. The fabric coloring did not turn out as bright as I wanted it once they were lined, but I am not redoing them! I put pom pom fringe on the sides to add bit of interest to them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Quick Bedroom Update etc.

We have not painted our Master Bedroom yet, but I needed some color and "prettiness" in there, so I added these simple curtains using a red toille tablecloth I found at an antique store and cut it in half and used black rick rack to hang it up. These were no-sew ( the best kind!)

This is my dining room. I found this mirror and fell in love with it. The curves are so fun and unique! I made this shelf out of a bifold door and some wooden brackets, then I spray painted it black. More pics of it to come later....

This is a bird I have on my mantle for winter. I used kosher salt in the hurricane and set him in there like it was snow. I love decorating with birds in winter and spring!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A glimpse of warmer temps and a few good laughs

We actually had a beautiful, warmer day last week and got a chance to go out and play. This is Brayden's first time in his backyard swing. He was so relaxed in the fresh air, that we went to sleep.
The kids loved pushing him...I had to remind them that he does not like to go really high!!

My baby laughing so hard that it made us all laugh. The other two were making a puppet go "BLAH" at him. He thought it was so funny!

There is nothing better than seeing my kids laugh. It is like medicine for the soul.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Inspiration Room

I love how they used this Southern Living at Home potrack upside down and hung a curtain from it above the bed. I have this potrack and want to do this in my daughters room. I took this picture when I went to the Southern Living at HOME convention a few years ago.

I liked how they used those polka dot pots and made hanging lamps out of them. So creative!

I am not planning on using these exact colors, but I love the idea of using a furniture piece for a vanity and still having some counterspace. I also love the raised sink and buckets of towels underneath. This is what I would like to do in our master bath someday...