Saturday, July 10, 2010

Master bathroom curtains...check!

I finally finished the curtains for this window behind my tub and I covered the vinyl roller shade and added little ruffle to it. It turned out just how I planned and that does not happen much! This picture is a little blurry though, sorry.

I used a stick from the backyard for the curtain rod and I painted some wooden brackets that I got at a gargage sale for 50 cents to hold the stick. The panels cost me $12.50 and the shade about $25.

I sewed a simple unlined panel then made some skinny ties using the hot glue gun and sewed them to the top/back of the panel. I then just tied them around the stick. I got the fabric on clearance for $4.00/yard and they only had 3 yrds. left, so I cut it in half lengthwise and made "half panels". I didn't want to cover much of the window anyway.

I used spray adhesive to cover the vinyl shade with a lightweight white cotton fabric then I hot glued the ruffle on. The only thing I would do differently is to use fabric glue maybe instead of the spray adhesive because there are still some wrinkles on the shade that have not smoothed out yet.

I added some hooks, a wooden hanging box, and one of my favorite signs. I have realized that you can't have too many hooks in the bathroom.

I got these hooks at Home Depot for $4.00 each and the wooden little crate came from Home Goods. I wish I could find more of them.
I am loving how this room is turning out...more progress to come!

Mom's 60th Birthday

Our backyard party to celebrate my mom's birthday and Independence Day was a blast!
It started with a yummy meal of traditional burgers, baked beans, watermelon, cottage cheese salad and chips. Nothing too fancy; everyone brought a dish and we ate way too much!
The kid table...
Then we celebrated my mom with her favorite Heath bar ice cream cake. You can find the recipe here. She doesn't look 60, does she?

A silly picture on the newly painted red bike.

Some fancy hairstyling on my sister, Melanie.

Some practice photography. The "mom" on the cup blurred, but I was trying to get it in the background. I am practicing for my future job as a stager/photographer for my favorite magazine. Follow your dreams right???
A few silly faces...

A fun fireworks show put on by "dad".
Lots and lots of sparklers.
The show would not be complete without a ladder rescue of the parachute guy from the top of the tree.
We even did a little dancing to some really fun music...and played my parent's favorite song for them to dance to. ("Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers)Happy Birthday Mom! I am so blessed to have you! What a cute couple you two still make!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Little Spot out Back- part two

The weather has been much cooler today, so we all got outside to play I did some more spray painting. Yes, the kids have on their pj's. That is one of the best parts of summer, isn't it?
My vintage bike is now red. The first red I used was way too bright and orangy, so I used the rest of my favorite red (Colonial Red by Rustoleum- American Accents). I ran out before I could get finished, but at least it's red and I like it better than the white. We are celebrating July 4th and my mom's 60th birthday at my house this weekend, so I started decorating for it today too.

I painted my planter white and now I think I need to paint the blue part red or green. That is always how it works, isn't it? This is one of my favorite signs. I love this saying.

I painted my metal lawn chairs blue. It is brighter than I expected, but I like it and this color makes me happy.

Here is the color I used. I got it at Wal-Mart for around $2.57. Great price! I didn't even use 2 whole cans.

I also painted my back door red awhile back. I have always wanted a white house with a red door, so I created that look in the back because my house is brick on the front.

A few more American touches...

Hope you are having a great Friday!