Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Little Spot out Back- part one

Okay, my spray painting yesterday got rained out, so I did not finish, but here is what I have so far. I got this old vintage bike from Craig's List a few years ago and have not done much with it. After reading an idea from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage, I decided to paint the whole thing white, tires and all. Now I think it's too bright in this spot, so I am going to paint it red I think. I also want to get a wicker bike basket from Wal-Mart and plant some flowers in it. I'll let you know what I decide...
This is the back of my chimney. Elise gave me this idea of using a mantle here. I want to make this feel like an outdoor room, so here is the starting point. I wanted to find an old mantle, but could not find one that would work on a budget. My hubby got this one for me for mother's day and I painted it "ryegrass" from Sherwin Williams. I did 3 coats of outdoor paint and some varnish, so hopefully it will stay protected from the weather.

I used some stuff I already had to decorate it and found this window for $2 at the restore. I just fell in love with the color. I plan to hang something else over it. We will see...

I painted this old step ladder too (I can't remember the name of the color) and used it as a fern stand. I love the weathered paint job on it.

I tucked some impatiens under the fern. They love this shady spot! More pics to come once it stops raining!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Little Spot out Back camera again!

I am wanting to show you some projects that I am working on in my backyard and on my patio, but my hubby keeps taking the camera without asking me. Can you believe him??? I even took some pictures this morning, but did not get a chance to download them. Anyway, I have been working on an outdoor mantle and have been spray painting some other things with lots of fun colors. I am loving the Krylon paint colors and the $2.57 price tag on it at Wal-Mart.
As soon as I can get my hands on that camera again, I will share some pictures with you....
Can I just say that I LOVE this summer schedule??? Today has consisted of sprinklers, slides, popsicles, watermelon, and spray painting. What could be better?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I feel so blessed today to have a husband who is a better father than I ever imagined he would be. He truly loves his kids and is such an example to them. He doesn't just teach them with words, he shows them with his actions. He spends time with God every morning and I know he covers us in prayer daily. I appreciate his dedication to our family and willingness to provide and provide and provide (poor guy). Thanks honey for all you do! We love you bunches!

He takes the kids on an annual trip to UNC to see a basketball game.

Daddy's little gymnast.
This is my dad; another amazing man in my life who loves Jesus and shows it with his life. I have learned so much from him. The biggest lesson he has taught me is to "enjoy the journey" He wants to enjoy each day and be thankful for it. He doesn't like to worry or plan too far ahead. He taught each of us girls to enjoy sports and be athletic and he still can outrun me at 60. Can you believe it? I love you Dad!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Sister's Garden Wedding

My sister, Melanie married her sweetheart in Savannah on May 15th. We were blessed and excited to be a part of the intimate ceremony at the Forsyth Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was a perfect, beautiful day! Here are the kids before the ceremony. My two neices and Makenna were the flower girls and Bryce and Brayden were the ringbearers. (sorry these pics are small. I had to get them off of facebook).
This is Bailey and Alyssa before the ceremony. Such a cute picture!

We were running late as usual, so this is our race into the wedding...

My little man looked so handsome in his tux! Bryce wore this same tux at his age.
My boys on their best behavior!
My dad and the beautiful bride entering the courtyard.
They each wrote their own vows. It was so touching to hear how hey felt about each other. Lots of tears during that part!The Mr. and Mrs.

The whole gang after the wedding...even the dogs were a part and dressed up for the occasion.

We ate at the Pink House for the rehearsal dinner. The atmosphere was so cool in a house built in the 1700's, the food was yummy and the company was fun and relaxed. Brayden was not fond of this dinner, and we spent lots of time walking the streets of Savannah checking out the horses, etc...

The happy couple at dinner.

Here is my mom and Brayden at a small champagne and cake reception after the wedding. My mom was beautiful in her purple dress!

A dad and daughter dance...

Cutting the cake...

Let's eat cake and celebrate!

Our family in the park.

The boys take a walk to prepare for some more pictures. My hubby looked so handsome in his suit!

Melanie looked stunning in her dress and very happy! The park setting was great for pictures too!

The kids with the bride minus Brayden. He had enough by this point.

A stroller train. Brayden was getting out of the park at all costs! No more pictures...

We had dinner afterwards at the River House. Everything turned out just perfect!

I made the centerpieces for the table with river rocks, reindeer moss, water, and hydrangea blooms. Congrats to Melanie and Tyler! May God bless your marriage now and for years to come!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Old House Tour

I went with a friend today and toured this very cool house. It was built around 1870 and moved to this spot in the last few years. It has been renovated and added to I think, but has most of the original floors, doors, roof etc. This house is very unique. Come along and see for yourself.

The porch wrapped around the whole house and was amazing! I pictured it with a bunch of rockers and different seating areas.

Isn't it cool how the brick was put on so haphazardly?

Here is the staircase when you walk in the front door. All the wallpaper is fabric.

This is the greatroom looking in from the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen.

I just LOVE this copper sink!

This brick around the oven is one of my favorite parts of the house! I wish I could do this in my kitchen!

An old-fashioned toilet. Very cool...I also love the color of that beadboard.

This bathroom is huge! Have you ever seen a bathroom with a fireplace?

Speaking of huge bathrooms, here is the master bath. Notice the wood and tin ceiling. It was like this throughout the house.

I have never seen a shower like this before. It has no walls. You just shower in the middle of the room. It had three shower heads; two on the wall and one coming down from the ceiling. I'm not sure how I would feel about showering here, hmmm.

Here is the master bedroom. It takes up the whole upstairs with the master bath. It has two fireplaces in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.

This is the stairway leading to the master bedroom. Those doors are so cool! The stairs are very narrow and steep!

This is the sideyard. LOVE all the brick! And I didn't even show you the basement. It was too dark for pictures, but a cool kid's quarters.
My kids had a blast running around this old place. They said they wanted to live here because it is huge. I told them it was way too much for mommy to clean! What do you think? Could you live here?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Gift Idea

Tis the season for weddings and as you know, my sister just got married this month. I put this gift together for her. It is kind of a "summer porch" themed gift. I found this adorable antique rocker in great condition and gave it to her along with a galvanized drink tub from Lowes. I just stenciled their initial on it. I then added some impatiens, some drink mixes, and a few magazines and kitchen towels from Ikea.
A gift that they can enjoy all summer out on their screened porch. More wedding pics to come...