Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some barnwood framed mirrors

 Now that was a nice long blogging break!  Where have I been?  I'm not sure; just was having a blogging block in addition to getting a new laptop which I am still learning how to download pictures onto it.  Technology is not my thing!  I have also been super busy transforming a house for a client as well.  Can't wait to show you the before and afters.  I have a few new projects around my house to show you.  We FINALLY have two bathroom mirrors.  I went with my original plan and did barn wood framed mirrors. A friend of mine discouraged me from going with them in the first place, but I know now to listen to my instincts and go with what I love.

Here was the first mirror I chose.  It was a chrome swivel mirror from Home Depot.  It ended up being less than perfect as far as functionality goes.  I liked the look of it, but I wanted something with a little more texture.  My hubby did not want this mirror so he was without a mirror for 1 1/2 years while I decided what I wanted....
 I custom ordered these barnwood frames from this website and then used our old mirror inside the frames.  We got a great price doing it that way.

My hubby scored the old mirror with a glass cutter then snapped it.  It actually made a good clean cut.  The frame was ready with brackets to hold the mirror on the back.

 I love the texture of the old wood on these frames.  It is a great contrast to the shiny black granite on the countertops.
  I love unexpected contrast to make a room more interesting.  These are here to stay!  Our bathroom is almost complete except for the hole in the wall from a water leak, and tiling the shower.  Good thing I am patient!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Buffet Makeover


I found this buffet in a trash pile at someone's house and I knew it had lots of potential. I almost forgot to take a before picture so I had already started sanding the top and I removed the broken drawer that was in the middle. It had a wheat stalk carving on it, so I didn't mind if it was broken. This is a solid wood buffet but it had a bad, thick white paint job.


I almost forgot to take After pictures too! Here it is in my booth on the day it sold. I left the opening in the middle and added a piece of thin wood to the bottom and painted it the same color. I thought it would be a great t.v. cabinet for a flat screen and the t.v. "stuff" could go in the front opening.

As a buffet, I had dishes stacked up inside of it and I also bought the basket to fit in that space for linen storage etc. Sorry it looks a little junked up. I was trying to move everything around to get it out of the booth and onto it's new home

I mixed some light gray paint I already had with some black until I got the desired gray I wanted. I sanded it all over lightly just to smooth the surface and take the sheen away, then I gave it two coats of that gray paint. I then distressed it and glazed it with some "Antiquing Glaze" from Lowes. I stripped the top down to bare wood using my hand sander and then stained it with a dark walnut stain.

I added some new brushed nickel hardware and there you have it! A new, old buffet/tv stand that someone was going to throw away. Ahhhh, the thrill of the rescue! I really wanted this piece somewhere in my home, but I decided to take it to sell it in my new booth. It already found a new home, so I'm working on my next piece. Stay tuned!