Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Buffet Makeover


I found this buffet in a trash pile at someone's house and I knew it had lots of potential. I almost forgot to take a before picture so I had already started sanding the top and I removed the broken drawer that was in the middle. It had a wheat stalk carving on it, so I didn't mind if it was broken. This is a solid wood buffet but it had a bad, thick white paint job.


I almost forgot to take After pictures too! Here it is in my booth on the day it sold. I left the opening in the middle and added a piece of thin wood to the bottom and painted it the same color. I thought it would be a great t.v. cabinet for a flat screen and the t.v. "stuff" could go in the front opening.

As a buffet, I had dishes stacked up inside of it and I also bought the basket to fit in that space for linen storage etc. Sorry it looks a little junked up. I was trying to move everything around to get it out of the booth and onto it's new home

I mixed some light gray paint I already had with some black until I got the desired gray I wanted. I sanded it all over lightly just to smooth the surface and take the sheen away, then I gave it two coats of that gray paint. I then distressed it and glazed it with some "Antiquing Glaze" from Lowes. I stripped the top down to bare wood using my hand sander and then stained it with a dark walnut stain.

I added some new brushed nickel hardware and there you have it! A new, old buffet/tv stand that someone was going to throw away. Ahhhh, the thrill of the rescue! I really wanted this piece somewhere in my home, but I decided to take it to sell it in my new booth. It already found a new home, so I'm working on my next piece. Stay tuned!


Elise said...

That looks great, Amy!!! It would've been funny if the original owners saw it in your booth and recognized it!! Just a little paint and elbow grease can truly transform a piece, huh?!?!

Jennifer L. Griffin said...

What a beautiful color! I've wanted to try that antiquing glaze from Lowe's but haven't picked any up yet. Such a versatile piece!

Lisa Montsion said...

I love how you take things that people threw out and make them beautiful.