Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Home Tour

Well, Christmas is just about here and I am finally getting to share my home with you. I have so enjoyed gettting to peek inside other homes all decked out for Christmas, so I wanted to show you mine. Thanks for stopping by!

The weather has been really warm for Christmas this year. It kinda put me in a "fresh coastal Christmas" kind of mood. I used lots of cedar clippings from the backyard and added my favorite blue jars, starfish, and some ornaments in the dining room.

This produce box is a decorating "staple" I use year round to hold different seasonal arrangements. I found it at a garage sale for $2; can't beat that!

I finally completed my set of this brown transferware after a few trips to the thrift store, then stumbling upon the rest at a garage sale. They are a classic for every season too!

I planned to have my new stockings finished this year too, but that didn't happen. Maybe next year...

I love these glittery snowflakes from Target. They have so many different colors and I put them throughout the house at Christmastime, and sometimes all winter long.

I made these bird ornaments from book pages using this tutorial.

This is my favorite tree in the house. It is in my favorite room, the sunroom. I am partial to this room because it is officially "my" room and it stays pretty neat and tidy unlike the rest of the house. It has an outdoor feel to it and so does this tree. I might leave it up all winter. We will see.

Our little elf, Jingle, has been hanging around our house this month and he decided to hang out in here with me and have some tea.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour, and from my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS! We went to our local Christmas pageant tonight. It is outdoors and they use real animals, so the kids love it. I was reminded that Jesus coming to earth for us is such a GIFT! No wonder everyone was so excited that night! May I never lose that excitement about what Jesus did for me and for all who will accept His gift. Now, go unwrap your gift!


Elise said...

It all looks great, Amy!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

urban grace photography said...

Looks so beautiful Amy! Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Looks great! You have a beautiful home! :) I love your wreath! Erin

Michelle said...

Love, love it! You do such a beautiful job. Miss you!!

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

Hey there friend! I love your sense of style in everything you do! It's been over a month since you have posted!!! What's sad - is that I keep up with it! I need some inspiration from "A Little Piece of Heaven"!!!! ;)