Friday, February 26, 2010

This one is a MUST Have!

I usually do not spend $10 on a magazine, but as soon as I opened this one up in Target today, I fell in LOVE! There are no advertisments in this one; it is just full of gorgeous photos of cottage goodness. Pick this one up if you get a chance and be inspired!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My $5 Garage Sale Beauties

I found 2 of these awesome chairs at a garage sale last year for $5 each. They have been sitting in my garage waiting until I came up with a spot for them. I never forgot about them like I do some things. I just fell in love with the turned legs on the front. Now my dilema...which room do I want to put them in, or do I want to split them up???
I painted one a grayish blue called Contented from Sherwin Williams (a friend gave me the sample that she did not want). I put it in the dining room to hold table linens here.

Or I could paint both of them this color and put one on each side of the table for extra seating. I have been needing some extra chairs in here, but are they too small next to my other chairs???

OR...I could put a coat of poly on this one and put it next to the tub holding my bath supplies for when I finally get to use this dreamy tub.

I love the industrial look of these locker baskets next to the old looking wood on the chair. I might have to keep this one in here. Decisions...Decisions...Any insight you want to give would be ever so helpful! By the way, no sinks in the bathroom yet. This time it is my fault, I was having trouble finding a faucet that I liked, that would fit on the coutertop, that fit into the budget. I think I finally found one that works. I know it is taking soooo long!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine Tea and a Snowy Treat

Makenna planned a "Fancy Nancy" tea party for her cousins, brothers, and some friends. If you don't know about Fancy Nancy, she likes to dress super (tacky) fancy, and make some fancy food and drinks. Makenna got a Fancy Nancy Tea Party book for Christmas and wanted to make some recipes out of it.

Her lollipop centerpiece...

Banana Parfaits (Splits) with all the fixins. Each kid added their own toppings and they piled them high!

God sent us a gift during the party and 5 inches later, it looked like this!

A snowy seat for two...

This is not our house, but one that I admire every time I go by it.

My three snow bunnies.

My valentine! I love you honey! We had so much fun sledding!

Bryce was doing some snow boarding. I even tried it and made it almost all the way down.
Here is me and Bryce on the sled. It was a great day with lots of fun memories!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The clawfoot tub I've dreamed of is in!

She finally made it in from the garage and man, she is a beauty! It was worth the wait. I should have turned on the light for the picture, but oh well. She is not totally hooked up yet, so I have not been able to dive in yet...
The feet are so graceful and lovely in white!

I went vintage on the faucet in shiny chrome and I just love that stopper drain!

It was not easy getting her in, but they did it with no dings or scratches and we did not have to take any door molding off. Whew!

Brayden was the first one to try it out. He liked watching the ball roll around in it.

You can see the wallpaper I chose for the toilet closet in the back. My mom put it up for me and I love it! It is the one pop of bold color and pattern in the room. Thanks Mom! My dad was even pitching in and installed the toilet. Thanks Dad! I know that was not a fun job!

I put up a roller shade from Home Depot over this window for nightime privacy. It only cost $14 and I will be adding some fabric to it and maybe some trim to gussy it up a bit. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My little girl's new do!

My little Makenna decided she wanted a big girl do now that she is five. She brought me the movie Kit Kitredge-an American Girl and said she wanted her hair like that. We went to my neighbor's house to get her new do.
She cut it a little shorter than planned so we could donate it to Locks of Love. Mommy cried after this step. I was surprised at myself!

Here is her ponytail packed up to be sent away and she brought her movie to show her desired hairdo.

Here she is a little lighter. I have to admit, it is a cute haircut.

I snapped this on the sunny walk home. This is right before she ran and then fell and skinned both knees and hands. I had to carry her the rest of the way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A $6 beam and a $5 light fixture

Thanks to my handy brother-in-law, the beam is up and so is the last light fixture in the master bathroom. This is the $5 brass light fixture (I forgot to take a before picture) that I got from a garage sale. I spray painted it white, added some crystals from Home Depot (you can also buy vintage ones), and decopaged scrapbook paper to the candle sleeves and glittered them up a bit. I am also going to add a crystal garland to give it a bit more **bling**. It turned out great and is coming along....Thanks Tim!

Monday, February 1, 2010

We have some molding and lights!

We are still working on our master bath and I wanted to share some progress....
Here is our little bathtub alcove BEFORE we started the molding.

I recruited some (cute) help and we got this job rolling.Here is the cute help's assistant. They worked great together!The lighting is bad here, but this is the almost finished project. I just love how this project turned out! It was actually pretty simple and my non DIYer hubby did great! I also did the "stained glass" window with a kit I bought to create some privacy and add interest. It will still need a shade over the window though. This is the new light outside of the shower. I got it from Ikea for $29.99. You can see a peak of the door I painted black too. Here are the other lights that will be above the vanities. I got them off ebay and both the glass globes broke in shipment, so I have to get replacements. Of course, I also have some sheetrock patching to do...I found this today that will make the job SO much easier!
The below picture is not my house, but an inspiration picture of what I want to do on the ceiling. I will just have one beam in the bathroom, but I love the look of these!

After checking some prices, those beams are over $100 each, so I am making my own. I bought this 2x6 at Home Depot for $6.00I then bought this gel stain in Walnut color. I love this stuff, by the way! Here is my beam with one coat of stain. I probably will do another one and then me and hubby will attempt to hang it. It will screw into the wood roof truss at the peak of the ceiling. Can't wait to show you the completed $6 beam! Stay tuned...