Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine Tea and a Snowy Treat

Makenna planned a "Fancy Nancy" tea party for her cousins, brothers, and some friends. If you don't know about Fancy Nancy, she likes to dress super (tacky) fancy, and make some fancy food and drinks. Makenna got a Fancy Nancy Tea Party book for Christmas and wanted to make some recipes out of it.

Her lollipop centerpiece...

Banana Parfaits (Splits) with all the fixins. Each kid added their own toppings and they piled them high!

God sent us a gift during the party and 5 inches later, it looked like this!

A snowy seat for two...

This is not our house, but one that I admire every time I go by it.

My three snow bunnies.

My valentine! I love you honey! We had so much fun sledding!

Bryce was doing some snow boarding. I even tried it and made it almost all the way down.
Here is me and Bryce on the sled. It was a great day with lots of fun memories!


Artfulife said...

Amy what a blast! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Valentine's day :)

Elise said...

How very "fancy" that tea party looks. I'll have to get that book for Lilly. My dad got her a few for her birthday. They look cute.
Love the snow!!