Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I feel so blessed today to have a husband who is a better father than I ever imagined he would be. He truly loves his kids and is such an example to them. He doesn't just teach them with words, he shows them with his actions. He spends time with God every morning and I know he covers us in prayer daily. I appreciate his dedication to our family and willingness to provide and provide and provide (poor guy). Thanks honey for all you do! We love you bunches!

He takes the kids on an annual trip to UNC to see a basketball game.

Daddy's little gymnast.
This is my dad; another amazing man in my life who loves Jesus and shows it with his life. I have learned so much from him. The biggest lesson he has taught me is to "enjoy the journey" He wants to enjoy each day and be thankful for it. He doesn't like to worry or plan too far ahead. He taught each of us girls to enjoy sports and be athletic and he still can outrun me at 60. Can you believe it? I love you Dad!