Sunday, February 8, 2009

A glimpse of warmer temps and a few good laughs

We actually had a beautiful, warmer day last week and got a chance to go out and play. This is Brayden's first time in his backyard swing. He was so relaxed in the fresh air, that we went to sleep.
The kids loved pushing him...I had to remind them that he does not like to go really high!!

My baby laughing so hard that it made us all laugh. The other two were making a puppet go "BLAH" at him. He thought it was so funny!

There is nothing better than seeing my kids laugh. It is like medicine for the soul.


Elise said...

I take it your camera is working again?? Sweet pictures!! Hey, do you want to go to Lakewood 400 this month??

Artfulife said...

Oh the kiddos are so cute! Looks like you guys had a lovely holiday and new year. Your house is just beautiful. How have things been?