Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Beach Vacation, Some New Finds and a Step Ladder Makeover

We enjoyed a week at the beach last month to getaway from the "everyday life". It always does wonders for my soul. Bryce and his dad did some fishing off the pier. They caught some and threw them back. They enjoyed it, but it sounds pretty cruel to me. I guess it is a guy thang...

I love to get pictures on the beach just before sunset. I think this is my favorite time of day there.

With the help of our friends and their kids, my kids helped to create this life size sand octupus. They were pretty proud of it. It took a lot of time and a few do overs but they kept building. It was so good just to get to hang out with my peeps without all the distractions of home and regular life. I can't wait to go back! The sand and surf is calling my name already...

I wanted to share a few finds from this summer too. I found this canvas subway style sign at T.J. Max and I just love this saying.
It is hanging in my foyer right when you come in the front door. I still haven't changed that wall color though. I'll get to that eventually...
I found this old fan on the way back from the beach. I love the patina and color. It is just perfect in my sunroom. It doesn't work, but hubby said the cord just needed to be changed because it has a cut in it. Hopefully that will work, but it still is pretty anyway.
I also found this Pepsi crate for a bargain. I love the color on this one too!
I spray painted this old step ladder a color called "Bright Idea" and it is so much more fun now than it was white. I also painted and distressed that shutter behind it. My sunroom seems to be taking a blue and yellow turn and I am loving it. This is the last day of summer for us, so we are headed to the pool for one last day of fun in the sun!