Thursday, August 7, 2008

My daughter's room

A friend of mine, Amy F. wanted some pictures of my daughter's room, and since we are moving, I have to get these pictures done fast before I start packing. This was her nursery and it was easily transformed into her "big girl" room. A friend of mine did the painting and I absolutely love it! I never get tired of this room and I am sad to leave it. Girl rooms are so much fun!

This is an antique child's cupboard that I turned into a kitchen for her. She loves to set this little table and play "tea party" with her brother, me, friends, and her dolls.

This is an old candelier that I got for $10 at an antique show . They were asking more, but it was bent so they came down. It is perfect for her room and I don't mind that it's bent. I am not into perfect!

Here is the "little princess" in her room. I got the toybox at a garage sale for $5! I added the scalloped molding and the two frames with the chalkboard and chenille fabric. Then I added the handles and voila! A cute girly, toybox..

This is her bed. I cut the full chenille coverlet to twin size and used the rest to make the sham etc...The bed I bought at a local antique store for $40 and painted it white.

This is a sign I made from an old door panel.

This is an old window that my friend painted on and I added some shutters that I painted pink and my grandmother's hankies are the curtains. This is hanging above her bed.

My friend, Elise, helped me with ideas to turn the cupboard into a kitchen. I hope to pass this one down to the grandchildren. I love to play with it too!


Elise said...

You know I love your home, but cannot wait to see what you do with your new one. Oh, and I was thinking you should give a whole house tour before you start packing and moving. I'm sure everyone would love to see it.
Talk to you later,

Katy said...

Wow! It is beautiful!!!! I agree with Elise....I bet you will do something amazing with her new room!!! :)

SG's Mommy said...

Thank you Amy for posting the pics! I hope whoever is buying your house has a little girl who will be able to enjoy Makenna's precious room.

Renee said...

I love your daughter's room (old room). We are pretty pink- i-fied at the moment! LOL!
Sweet blessings!