Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

It's actually a little muggy and sticky from all the rain we have been having, but I could not wait any longer to make the trek up to the attic to pull out my fall bins. Having some crows and pumpkins around makes it seem a little cooler in my mind anyway. I have this bucket on my front porch sitting on a old wooden crate. Elise made the shutter sign for me. I love it!

I made this pumpkin sign and it is hanging out by the sidewalk. When I get some real pumpkins, I am going to put about 5 of them out here and make our own little "pumpkin patch".

This is a peek at my mantle. I painted one of my windows black and added some touches of orange.

A grapevine pumpkin under the willow tree. I have never put a picture in that frame and I have had it for years. I might put one in it soon...who knows.

This shutter is propped in my foyer. I added some fall color to it and I just love that saying on the little sign.

I had to throw in some pics of my three munchkins.

This is them waving their flags honoring a soldier who was killed in battle. The streets were lined with people in support of the soldier's family as they drove to his funeral. It reminded me...don't forget those who are putting their life on the line daily for MY freedom. We have been praying for the soldiers every night since this day. To our fallen hero, thank you for your awesome sacrifice! You will not be forgotten.

My little pumpkin is almost one! I can't believe it! It's meal time again...

Here he is sleeping on his grandma at church. The nursery wore him out. Grandma was loving every minute.

Brayden is on the move like he is most of the time. He always likes to crawl with something in his hand. Many times, it is a door stop like he has here. Other times, he has a toy, the phone, or the remote. Whatever he can find that makes a good clanking sound.


Leigh Ann said...

Love your fall decor! The black window is great and love that orange wreath!

Elise said...

LOVE it all, as usual!! That ribbon around your bucket is awesome, too!!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Great fall decor, thanks for sharing and giving me some new ideas. Your family is beautiful.