Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our LONG Master Bath Reno

I have learned a whole bunch since the start of this project back in earlyNovember. Renos always take much longer and cost more than you expect. Both of these have proven to be very true. Also, when hubby has no desire to do projects and the mere sight of the bathroom raises his blood pressure along with having a very active 1 yr. old. These are also factors that slow the process down a bit.
Here is where it all began

These pics are before we moved in. This was my least favorite room in the house because of the outdated floral wallpaper and gigantic tub that leaked because of broken jets. The long vanity 9 feet to be exact) also did not speak good things to me. I did love the french door though.

The tile floor was a handmade job and had grout smeared all over the tile.Here is after the demo. of the tub. We had a leak so I had to caulk and replace the insulation. And yes, that is a real bird on the window sill. He got in through a hole in the floor along with a chipmunk or two. Hubs took these pics before he bravely rescued this cute little bird and led him out the window back out to his world.
Another great shot of that wallpaper (and the bird).He does not like his new home...

We finally have a floor! I originally wanted wood, but after the leak we discovered and some research, I decided to go with tile. I found this "wood look" tile on line and ordered it. It turned out beautifully. I need to sponge off the grout again. There is a film over it still. I just love the rustic look it has. I removed the wallpaper and painted the walls "Filmy Green" by Sherwin Williams. It looks more blue to me. I love the color!

Here is where the clawfoot tub will go. See the plumbing? That was a big headache getting to that point. I can't wait to see the tub here. I have wanted one since I was a little girl. Around the tub will be some molding inspired here. I just love her blog!

The long vanity went bye bye and the plumbing has been moved and is waiting for two new farmhouse style freestanding vanities. I still have to paint those.

Some new light fixtures were also in store. This one will be replaced with a $5 garage sale find. I can't wait to show you! Once we make some more progress, I will post some more pics. Be patient though. We work a bit SLOWLY!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

So far so good, I can't wait to see the after... I still drool when I look at your after kitchen!

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

I am so anxious to see the finished product! I got all giggly inside in anticipation of seeing it finished, and it is not even my bathroom. What is it about girls and claw foot tubs?? I have always dreamed of one those too. Maybe I could come rent your bathroom out for a couple hours!!! HEE-HEE!!!

Elise said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Sarah said...

Love your blog!
Somehow stumbled upon a couple weeks ago!
We, too, are redoing are bathroom...a VERY slow, but fun project. It's been hard to do on a semi-budget. I say semi because we have splurged on a couple things, but mostly budgeted every item. We decided we absolutely had to pay the extra money to have a seamless shower...who knew glass was so expensive!!!
I can't wait to see your finished product!!
Sarah (ella's mom)