Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bring on Spring!

I am doing a light "sprinkling" of spring this year at our house. I honestly can't find my spring decor so I am just using what I have and adding some bits of blue. I got three of these pretty votive cups at my favorite store for FREE! I love that place! (They were a little damaged, but I don't care). This is my wooden Christmas lamb turned Easter lamb. It stands for Jesus and how he laid down his life for us at Easter. He is now Risen!
I just love this rusty urn turned egg cup.

I have started collecting glass bottles for my bathroom, but I just love this one in the kitchen.

I also am collecting aged silver pieces and just snagged this cake plate at my favorite store too. The glass on the cloche is very dirty, sorry!

This chenille carrot came from Makenna's kitchen. I wish I could say I made it, but I didn't.

Another silver cup I collected along with an old silver candlestick I had. I got the tray at a garage sale last year for $1.00. I found these flashcards and stained them with coffee to age them a bit.

Happy Spring!! Now off to plant some tulips and daffodils that I didn't get around to doing this winter!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Amy, everything looks GREAT... I want to springy up my house!

Katherine Ann said...

This is my favorite thing you've posted!! I love the flash cards and the aged silver...2 of my very favorite things! It looks really nice all put together. You should pat yourself on the back :o)

Twice as Nice said...

Just signed up to follow. I thought Twin and I already did. Looks like spring at your house. I'm still working on mine.

Elise said...

Looks great!! And you changed up your sideboard after I had been to your home?!?!

Twice as Nice said...

Congratulation Amy you won our give away. You can email us at twiceasnicelettering.yahoo.com and give us your address and let us know what color you would like. Thanks The Twins

Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

amy! you are so great at decorating. everything you do is so unique and clever.

Jenny said...

I really enjoyed your vignettes. You have a talent for mixing diverse objects into a lovely whole.

Rebecca said...

Girl, you are so very creative. God has indeed given you a gift. Looks fabulous!!