Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love Spring!

We had a great spring break! Here are some of the things we did. This one is me and my older two climbing the mountain. It was their first time and they loved it!
They made it to the top with their cousins. They were glad to be done climbing.

After our annual easter egg hunt on Easter afternoon at my sister's house.

The kids built a fort in the backyard to play in. This is their restaurant. They even decorated the tables. Like children! I love it.

Here is the house part complete with clothesline and hooks on the fence for their bags. Very inventive!

Brayden loved the surprises in the Easter eggs.

Our family on Easter. He is Risen! We have lots to celebrate.

My kids out front before church. This is the best I could do with all three of them. Brayden does not stay still for long.

My pretty daffodils, bunny, and a polka dot plate I found at Goodwill with my friend Elise.

A sweet spring table set in Makenna's room for her doll tea parties. The flower in the paper cup is just priceless and her blanket for the tablecloth! I just love that girl! Happy Spring!

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Elise said...

Sweetness...I love Spring, too!!