Monday, August 23, 2010

First Days of School

I can't believe it's that time again already. We had a fun summer, but it sure did fly by! Bryce started third grade last week and he is doing really well.
Brayden is not going to school, but wanted to be in the picture. First days always make me cry even with a third grader. It makes me realize that he is growing up, but we are so proud of Bryce and the character he has.

One week later (today), Makenna started Kindergarten. I had mixed feelings about sending baby #2 off, but she was so excited, her face was glowing. That helped me to know it was time for her to be a "school kid".

She is wearing her sparkly shoes for the big day.

We made back to school cupcakes for the class. We made them last night and put them in a cupcake carrier on the counter. This morning, the icing had melted and slid off and the buses slid off too. It was a mess! I had to put them in the refrigerator (should have done that last night) then fixed them the best I could. The buses look like they have been traveling for awhile...
The kids liked them though. Lesson learned...put cupcakes in the fridge when it is humid and 90 degrees outside!

Off she goes...

She arrives ready to color her picture. Her classroom is so cute! Makenna, I have so enjoyed your time at home with me! You are such a special girl and a gift from the Lord. I will enjoy watching you grow and learn this year in kindergarten. I know you will shine and do your very best and make some special friends. I pray that as you go out, you will glorify God in all you do and put Him first in your life. I look forward to learning along side of you this year! You will always be my little girl though!
Whew! No more first days for awhile. I don't handle them well...


Elise said...

Awww...such sweet pictures. Love Makenna's "fancy" shoes!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful pictures! My girls start back to school on 9/7...Taylor will be a senior and Tess begins high school...I often wonder where the time has gone?!

Enjoy your weekend!
~Michelle :)