Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Fun Halloween and Some New Ikea Chairs

The Friday before Halloween, the kids had PJ day at school, and Makenna has been begging me to do another tea party. So we planned a Halloween tea party, picked out some fun recipes, and had it prepared when the older kids came home from school (the two older girls are my neices).

We used my favorite red teapot and cups from Southern Living at HOME and an antique quilt top that I got from my neighbor for the tablecloth. I love the bright colors in it.

We made scarecrow cupcakes, boo-nanas, and monster teeth. We found these recipes on Makenna had fun picking out the menu. I made sure the food was simple and did not require many ingredients. Grocery store trips are not my favorite!

On Halloween night, Makenna dressed up like a cupcake fairy. We did some hot pink stripes in her hair with pink hair spray and I painted some cupcakes on her cheeks.

Here they are ready to go. Bryce was a ninja and Brayden was a puppy. Brayden wasn't so sure about his hood.

We met up with their cousins along the way and a neighbor boy tagged along with us this year too.

Brayden was pretty excited about getting all that candy. He loved trick or treating! He kept up with the other kids surprisingly. We had a fun night and ended up with tons of chocolate. That is my weakness, so mommy has been stealing WAY too many candy bars from the kid's buckets!

Here are my new Ikea chairs that I showed you a glimpse of before. I made enough money at the barn sale last month to get these and a new sisal rug for my sunroom. I have always loved these Erktop chairs and they are actually very comfortable and affordable. The one on the left is not crooked even though it looks like it in the picture. My hubby had to put them together, but that's the price you (I mean "he") pays for saving some money, right? The white slipcovers were only $30 each and they are washable which is a must in our house!

This is my cozy little spot where I love to sit in the morning and have coffee and read before everyone else is up. Mornings like this are few lately, but I cherish the ones I get.
Hope you are having a good week and can sneak a few moments of quiet and rest amongst the busyness of your day. Is anyone else stressing about Christmas shopping yet? I am!


Elise said...

The children look adorable in their Halloween finery!! That tea party is precious, too!! LOVE that quilt top!!
The chairs look great in your sunroom-I can't wait to come break them in for you!! Hahaha!!! Uh, Christmas shopping...noooo...of course I am ready to get it done and enjoy the season this year. Oh yeah, and to get stockings made before Christmas Eve. ;)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Halloween fun indeed... I love those chairs!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

What a fun tea party! Those treats were terrific!! Your kids looked sooo adorable in their costumes! What a fun Halloween they must have had!
Love your IKEA chairs and your charming sunroom! What a great spot to relax!!
Have a great day!
xo ~
Jo :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

your new space looks so cute! i am sitting in one of those chairs as i type, with my feet on that same rug. i love them! do you have any of their other slipcovers? if you need any washing tips i'm full of them, all of my fabric furniture is slip covered from ikea. ;)

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

What can I say? It looks like a page out of Country Living.

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

Oh - I forgot to comment on the Halloween party! You have once again out done yourself. Your kids will one day know how blessed they are to have such an awesome mommy!