Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Enjoying Spring...

I guess I have been taking an unplanned blogging break. I have been busy enjoying spring and all that it has to offer. Along with all the flowers and sunshine comes a busier season at school with fun activities and end of the year "stuff". I can't believe that there are only 3 weeks of school left!

I am including lots of pictures of some things we did on spring break, Easter, and just some everyday fun. We have been up to...

Playing one of the Three Little Pigs in the school play. Wish I could include a video. It was priceless!

Hanging out with the apes at the zoo.

Being completely amazed at the giraffes!

Petting some goats and sheep with a special hand brush. (I guess this is supposed to be more sanitary???)

Monkeying around a little.

Growling like a lion.... Brayden was most excited to see the lions out of all the animals at the zoo.

Decided to join in on some silliness and monkeyed around myself.

Found a tire in someone's trash and washed it up for a new tire swing.

Now daddy is monkeying in the tree putting up the tire swing.

It works! Can't decide who likes it the or the kids. Brayden loves for grandma to push him.

More tree climbing...what is it with this family and trees?

We baked some Hummingbird Nests. The recipe is from Family Fun. I love that website!

Had an adorable Easter party at school. Did I mention that I love kindergarten?

Went to a egg hunt in the neighborhood. There were 1800 eggs hidden!

We tried our skills at the 3-legged race. I secretly am so competitive in this game!

A spring party is not complete without a potato sack race. I wanted to take some of these sacks home, but they did not offer any to me even after I talked about how cool they were. Bummer!

Makenna made some bunny and Easter basket cupcakes. The recipe came from Family Fun again. They do have coconut on them which is so yummy to me, but not everyone likes it. I found that out when everyone was asking for a plain one!

My sweet angels on Easter. I was so excited that Brayden smiled this year for pictures! He hid behind the tree for most of the other pictures though.

I know she won't always want to match me, so I am eating it up while I can...

The annual family egg hunt was in our yard this year. We like to keep it interesting by hiding them in unexpected places.

I just love that the kids have their cousins so close. They are like my own kids too. They have such fun together! We enjoyed celebrating that our Savior is risen. How exciting to know that he is preparing a place for me (and you) in heaven. Each year I grow older, I am more amazed at God's love for me!

Meanwhile, I got a wild hair to rip this molding off the wall in the foyer. More on that to come...let me just say that sheetrock repair is not my gift!

Thanks for checking out what we have been up to. Can't promise my posts will be too regular until summer gets here. I can't wait to show you my foyer transformation though.


Elise said...

Oh my, I almost laughed out loud at that photo where Bryce is giving Brayden bunny ears. Jackson would so be doing that, too!!
Brayden looks so old with his sunglasses on. Lastly, your and Makenna's matching dresses is so adorable!!

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

Yay! You finally updated your blog! Your family pics are adorable - love the spontaneous tree climbing pics! I absolutely love your Easter dresses - precious!!! You know I adore polk-a-dots!!!

Michelle said...

Love all of your new pictures! Where did you find a dress for you & Makenna that match?? So cute!