Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Lookback at Christmas 2008

Whew! That was a busy hodiday season, but I am back and posting some Christmas memories. I tried to keep it simpler this year with the new baby and house. I have to admit, I get overwhelmed at times with all the changes that have taken place since September although they are huge blessings. I love to decorate, but would like to have some "status quo" for now so I can catch up now that the decorations are taken down and the "rush" is over. Praise the Lord!
We had a great Christmas at home and with family and friends and now the drive to Grandmas and Grandpa's house on Christmas day was just down the street in the same neighborhood. What a blessing!
I did manage to host a Christmas party for some ladies in my new neighborhood and it went well. It was great to get to know some new people and have a few laughs. I hope to make it an annual party! Enjoy the pics.

This is the kids in their Christmas pjs. It was impossible to get a "perfect" picture of all three of them at this age, but I love the memory anyway and candid is sometimes more fun!

I just love baby feet! They are just so kissable!

Our little winter wonderland in our living room. I so enjoy the lights.

My little "cottage" tree in the sunroom.

The kids were putting out reindeer food on Christmas Eve so Santa's reindeer could find our house. It is a mixture of oatmeal, sugar, and glitter. If felt magical when they were sprinkling it out like we could almost hear Santa coming.

Our home....I meant to get a picture at night when it was all pretty and lit up, but I never did.

Until next year when the magic will return again! Happy New Year!

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Elise said...

Cute, cute pics!! Love the pj's!!