Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some new finds and projects of 2009

The best way to update and warm up a house is with lighting. I have been adding a bit of "bling" to my house with some fun chandeliers with sparkly crystals. I also managed to get some curtains made for my kitchen. The house is coming along and I am having so much fun doing it!

Here are my brown toille curtains. I just hung them on hooks under the shelf using grommets and tied some brown gingham ribbon on the hooks. This light I found at an antique store nearby. It is an old brass one that has been painted and "dolled" up.

This is one of my favorites. It is a true antique and is very unique. I found this one on Craig's List for a great deal. I actually got 2 of them and I'm going to sell one. My sweet, patient husband took down the flourescent light for me and put this one up in its place. It totally changed the feel of the kitchen. I just need to patch the two holes in the ceiling. This light makes me happy! It just needs a dimmer to tone down the glare at night.

I even put one in my laundry room since I spend so much time in there!

This is my "winter" mantle for those cold months coming up. I even left some lights up there.


Elise said...

Love it!!

Laura said...

Very pretty! Would love to see a close up of your kitchen window treatment!

Laura :)

Lara said...

I love it, Amy! It's all so beautiful and homey. One question - where did you find brown toile? I've been looking all over for some up here and can't find any! Thanks!

SG's Mommy said...

It's beautiful! As always, you continue to amaze me with your energy and talent!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

oh my goodness... thank you for posting about the give away... When I saw the post under it
{this one} I thought I have seen these pictures... I then realized you are Elise's Amy, she emailed me photos of your kitchen... LOVE IT!

Hadley said...

i love everything!

I might have to use that shelf idea...beautiful and functional!

found you from Elise!