Monday, October 12, 2009

Just One Year Ago...

we brought home "our little pumpkin" Brayden. He was born on Sept. 30th 2008 and was
8 lbs.3 oz. of sheer sweet smelling baby.
One year later, he is a healthy, very active, bundle of fun and we all have enjoyed watching him grow and learn new things this year. He has been my most active, least sleeping baby, but a blessing just the same! He is starting to walk now, but still prefers to crawl because it is faster. He just started coming and grabbing my hand so he can walk around with me, then he points to this grocery cart we have and he wants to walk behind it while I steer him clear of walls, furniture and doorways. He says mama, dada, and loves waving night night and bye. He loves to play with my hair and does it when he is ready for bed. I love it! His biggest goal is to get into the sunroom if the door is not closed and empty out the dog bowls. Mama does not like this game! He now is starting to give out slobbery kisses. Those just melt my heart!

The Birthday Boy...

His big brother and sister still think he is really neat and fun. Mommy LOVES that they love him so much. It does my heart good. They help me so much with him.

After some trial and lots of error, here is the cake. It was two layers all done and iced until it started to slide off. I then had to remove the top layer (icing and all), take off the bottom layer and replace the top layer as it began to crack....nothing a little (or a lot) of icing couldn't fix. Here is the pumpkin cake for our "little pumpkin". It's far from perfect, but that is my style (thank goodness)!
I use this website for all my birthday cakes. They have such neat ideas and they are "easy" for amateur cake makers. Check it out.

I made these spiders with baby food jars, large black pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and some hot glue. Then I wrote the kids names with a paint pen on the outside of the jar and filled it with candy pumpkins and candy corn. I got this idea from my friend Elise. They were a big hit!

Brayden with his brother, sister, and two cousins...his party guests for the evening. Don't you just love when they don't have an opinion??! (the one year old that is)

His first taste of chocolate icing. "Hmmm, this is nothing like my usual meal choices."

Brayden's Great Grandma Jean was here all the way from Texas for the big event. She is 81 years old. It made the day even more special! My sweet hubs is holding the little guy. I think he was about done partying.
Our little baby is growing bittersweet! Thank you Brayden for blessing our lives so much this year! We look forward to many more fun birthdays with you and I promise I will let you help me plan your parties in the future!


Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden!! Such sweet photos...thanks for sharing!!

Melanie said...

Look at him, standing all by himself. I look forward to seeing him walk!


J.A.M (Jonathan, Anna, and Michelle Norton) said...

He's such a cutie Amy!! Looks like he had a fun birthday. I thought the cake was adorable and don't think anyone would have known it needed repair if you hadn't described it!

Daisy Cottage said...


What a cutie pie! He is SO precious Amy! Sigh. My "babies" are 20 and 25! Savor every moment, as I know you do, for what they all say is SO true - these days fly by.