Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy Days of January and some Fabric Flower Pins

Wow! Someone actually asked me to update! It is good to know that someone reads my little blog. Comments make my day, by the way, so if you stop by, I'd love to hear from you! It has been a lazy January and I've been a lazy blogger. The kids had almost a month off of school with Christmas break and a week long snow break.
We had so much snow that we even had to shovel our sidewalk. Crazy for our area! That, my friends, is the southerners version of the snow shovel. It worked though, and it kept my son busy for quite some time...

We have baked and baked around here...not good for the diet, but the kids enjoyed decorating some cut out cookies.

Then they put them in their "candy shop" and sold them to their cousins and little brother. I love their imagination. They totally kept themselves busy while we were stuck in the house. They did not say, "Mom, I'm bored" even once. It was kind of nice!

Here is their little store. They found my fabric scraps to jazz it up a little.

Snow days are great for hour long afternoon baths too!

I have been working on a few projects. I have been dying to buy one of these fabric flower pins off etsy, but did not have the money, so I used this tutorial and used some felt I had. They were so easy and only cost me 25 cents for the piece of felt.

You can pin them on anything really....a sweater, headband, lampshade, pillow, scarf...They add just a pop of color and interest. I am going to make one out of canvas next.

Makenna has been wanting to wear hers every day, so I am going to buy some stretchy headbands and make some more colors for her to wear.

Brayden even likes wearing it around the house.
Some other happenings around here are...we are replacing our hardwoods because of a water leak and I am trying to decide whether to go light or dark. I love the look of the dark, but don't know if I can commit to it long term. Any thoughts??? I am also repainting our living room. I just took the pictures off the wall and really don't feel like painting it, but right now the walls are 3 different colors, so I guess I have no choice. Off to do lots of painting!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Cute flower pins... I might have to give that tutorial a try...

Elise said...

Cute, cute flowers!! Love them!! I cannot wait to see the floors and the walls!!!

Mommy of Grace and Joy said...

Yes, we read your cute little blog! So glad you -finally- updated it!! I don't know when you find the time to do all of these wonderful things! Once again, I have to say it, "You are amazing!" Love the flower pins too. I will have to attempt some of those.

J.A.M (Jonathan, Anna, and Michelle Norton) said...

Do you ever stop? I love the flowers and am going to show Anna...not sure she'd keep one on her head but they are cute. I don't envy all of the painting. I took your advice and painted my kitchen/laundry room door blue (the color of my den). I think it needs something hanging on it to break up the color but it's better than the dirty white that it was! Hope to see you one day soon :)

JodyJ said...

Just came acrss your blog, I really like it! Regarding the hardwood issue I would go light. We just bought a new house and it has dark maple hardwood everywhere. I know it's the new look for floors and it does look beautiful BUT it's SOOOOOO hard to keep clean. Dust shows up so easily, I have 3 young kids which do their best to drop every sharp. plastic/metal toy they can find on my work of art and BAM!!!... noticable dings EVERYWHERE!
I also have a small house dog with white hair, needless to say I wasn't giving shedding a thought when we chose him. Somedays when I walk in and glance at my floor and the state it is in I have to talk myself down from the level of frustration. I suppose you can tell from my rant that this is a real mental issue for me... LOL
Honestly if I had the choice I would go with a lighter hardwood with lots of contrasting grains just so the eye is distracted from the destruction that is happnening on the floor. Hope this helps.