Friday, September 9, 2011

A Granny Glider and the First Day of School

I was having a great day yesterday and this weather has just put me in the best mood! I saw this old granny glider outside of a store I like to visit, so I quickly turned the van around to go see how much it was. I was getting back in the van after looking at the great price, when my little man begged to go in (they have dogs in there he likes to pet). So after chatting with the owner and sitting on it awhile enjoying the breeze, the "old gal" ended up in my van.

I have wanted one for years, so I am just giddy seeing her on my back patio. She is in need of a little makeover though, but she is in great shape structurally and glides really smoothly. She has been with the same owner all of her life. It is cool to think of all the chats over glasses of tea and coffee while sitting here. That adds so much character in my opinion!

I searched for inspiration trying to decide what color to paint it and came up with some great options...

I fell in LOVE with this idea! I have never thought of having a glider inside, but I think it looks so cool and out of the ordinary.


If it stays outside, then I think this green would look good. I really like this coffee table too with the plants.

This red is so pretty too and my back door is red, so it would tie in nicely. I adore these pillows and the quilt on it too. The pillows are a must and I can't wait to add some.

This aqua color is so pretty and I love the two-toned look, but think I might tire of this look.

I would love to hear your opinions on the color, and do you think put it INSIDE or OUT???

Can't you just picture it with two big pots of mums on either side?

On another note, I am so behind on blogging. My big kids started school last month and they are doing great! Bryce is now in 4th grade, and everyone is telling me how much older he looks in this picture. I'll have to agree!

Makenna started 1st grade and is now going to all day school. I sure miss her, but she is loving it, making friends, and really excelling in her reading and schoolwork. You go girl!

Here is how "Little Man" dressed for the first day. He wore his p.j's and rainboots to walk the kids in and Bryce said that he was SO embarrased. I figure let him wear his pjs while he can, right?

We celebrated surviving the first day with Root Beer floats, or maybe this was the second day... I think this will be a good year!



Katie said...

I really like the red one, but all of them are beautiful! What store did you find that at?

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Gosh, I really love that... I actually like the worn chippy green that is currently, but would want the square painted parts either the same green or a different color... Can it go in your screened in patio??

Elise said...

Love the granny glider and sooo jealous!! I vote that fun, fresh green!!
Love that pic of Brayden-so cute!!

Stephanie said...

The red one is my favorite - I vote for porch and red!