Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Makenna's Kindergarten Graduation

It seems that in the blink of an eye, my little girl went from her first day of Kindergarten...

to Kindergarten graduation so much more grown up! How did that happen?

I so enjoyed the graduation. They sang such sweet songs...

She got her diploma from her teacher, Ms. Kim. When she called Makenna's name, she told us that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up and that her favorite part of Kindergarten was the Math tubs. She wanted to be a dentist last month, but a teacher is a great profession too! :)

There was an ice cream and cake party afterwards. She is surrounded by her proud family.

Makenna just loved her teacher. Ms. Kim gave her the "sweet tart" award for being the sweetest girl in the class. I will miss her teacher. You know when the teacher really loves and cares for the kids? Well, that was Ms. Kim. She even cried when she had to tell them goodbye. I cried too!

They came in after graduation with flowers and sang "You are My Sunshine" to the parents. Then she gave the flower to me. Wasn't I just rocking her before bed singing that song to her? Where does the time go?

Makenna, I am so proud of you and how you tried your very best this year, but most of all I am proud of the way you treated others and how you let Jesus shine out of your life. You always stood beside someone even if everyone else was making fun of her. That girl will never forget that. I so enjoy watching you grow into a young lady and watching the fruit that comes from you having a personal relationship with Christ. You are off to big school next year for 1st grade. I know you are ready and will do great. The only one you have to please is Jesus. Just keep living for Him!

Now, let's go and enjoy our summer girl!


Artfulife said...

Awwww! Congratulations to one sweet girl :)

Lisa Montsion said...

They grow up so fast.