Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Foyer Reveal

Remember my foyer "before" when I got a wild hair to take down the chunky chair rail?

We have a very open floor plan with a small foyer so I was wanting to make it look more separate from the rest of the house.

Here is what I came up with. I kept the existing baseboard and added board and batten (i.e. strips of MDF and topped it with a thicker piece of MDF). This involved lots of lots of sheetrock repair from removing the other molding. That took MUCH longer than expected. Isn't that how all projects turn out?
The strips slightly hang over the existing baseboard, but I just did a straight cut and left it that way. Those details do not bother me. Some caulk and semi gloss paint (BJ Moore Moonlight White) and it turned out great!

I also added some mailbox numbers from Home Depot to the coat closet doors. It just adds a touch of whimsy to them. My kids say it looks like a hotel room door. I like that!

I put a "3" on the other side. It gives the appearance that our house goes on farther than it really does like there is another room behind there (it's just a storage closet for all my decor, dishes etc :), but it's fun to dream...

For now, I stacked up my picnic baskets on this side, but I don't know if they are staying there. Ideally, I would have an outlet on this wall, so I could plug in a lamp. Until that happens, I might put a lantern on top of them. They hold puzzles, playdoh, and books for the kids. The top basket is a catch all. I am thinking I might add hooks on this side too. What do you think???

I also painted my wood front door. I used Contented from Sherwin Williams. The lighting is so bad here, that you can't see the color very well. It really lighted up this area.

I added some dark walnut stain to it to make it look more weathered.

Of course, one project leads to another around here. I am wanting to paint the walls in the foyer the same color as the living room. It is called Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams. It is a very tall space, so I have been putting it off. Maybe this summer??


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

WoW, Amy I love it...

Artfulife said...

It's simply beautiful! You are so talented!

Pamela said...

Your foyer looks awesome! You did a great job!

Heaven's Walk said...

What a beautiful home you have, Amy! So open and spacious! And your new foyer is awesommmmmme! :)

xoxo laurie

Lisa Montsion said...

The love the numbers you added to the doors. That just makes them cute.