Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let there be Stripes!

If you read my little ole blog semi-regularly, you might remember me doing a post on stripes a little while back. I have been envisioning some stripes in my hallway for sometime, then I finally got around to making it happen.

I love the way the stripes added such depth to this entryway.

Now my hall is much smaller than her entryway, so I decided to do more muted, wider stripes. First I painted the whole hall one color. I chose Panda White by SW. I already had the color because I had painted my kitchen that color and decided against it. Don't ya love when that happens?

I then measured the wall from top to bottom and I decided on 13 inch stripes so that gave me 8 stripes. The top and bottom stripes came out a little bigger because the measurement was not exact. I measured and taped it off. This was the longest part of the process! It made it longer when my little angel would tear off the tape when he went by on it on the way to his room. That did not make for a happy momma!

After it was taped, I used this foam roller to paint the contrasting color every other stripe. I used a shade darker than the base color, Wool Skein by SW. I had this color from the Living Room. I wished I had bought the wider foam roller for faster painting. So, if you decide to do this, then get the bigger one.

After two coats of paint and cutting in on the edges, ta-da! Here is the finished product and a very excited girl! I took the tape off while it was still wet because I couldn't wait to see it. At least I have one in the house who appreciates my crazy decorating whims.

The stripes are just what this hallway needed. It had been calling out for some character since we moved in. I am going to do a gallery wall here using old windows in different colors. Stay tuned for that upcoming project.

I feel like the hall became twice as long. Love it!

Next up, a DIY light fixture to replace the old brass ceiling light up there. I did not get a picture of it. More to come...


J.A.M (Jonathan, Anna, and Michelle Norton) said...

This turned out great! I really like yours better than the example picture you posted because of your bigger stripes and softer colors. I'm impressed with how straight you got everything :)

Elise said...

It looks great, Amy!! You have such patience. The taping of the wall would've had me in tears!!

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your blog! :) I became a new follower! Erin